Introducing Upgrade & Save NJ Rebates

- 3:10 pm - October 7th, 2016

A heating system replacement is one of those things that some people know they need, because they can feel the frustration of inadequate heating comfort every winter, but still tend to put off until the last possible minute, because it’s such a big decision. Tomasso Bros. knows how it is — we’ve helped countless customers make that decision by showing them how a higher-efficiency heating system pays off in fuel savings.

If you’re one of those homeowners who are still on the fence about a heating system replacement, we have an exciting announcement that goes to show now is the perfect time to upgrade your equipment. With the new Upgrade & Save New Jersey Energy Efficiency and Safety Rebate Program, you can save up to $700 off a brand-new high-efficiency heating system. The exact amount you save depends on the system you choose to have installed and its annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. Heating equipment rebates available for homeowners in Union, Middlesex, Essex and Somerset counties include:

  • $300 for a Steam Boiler with AFUE of 82% or higher
  • $300 for a Hydronic Boiler with AFUE of 87% or higher
  • $250 for an Oil-Fired Furnace with AFUE of 85% or higher
  • $700 for an Integrated Water Heating/Space Heating Unit (Combi Boiler)
  • $700 for an Indirect Water Heater Attached to a Qualifying Boiler or Furnace

The only other stipulation is that the new system must be more efficient than the system you’re replacing … but of course, better efficiency and the savings it provides are some of the biggest reasons to upgrade in the first place. It’s these savings that make your heating system pay for itself over a short period of time. And thanks to Upgrade & Save NJ, you can achieve a payoff even sooner!

Visit the Upgrade & Save NJ page for more information and call 908-351-0313 or contact Tomasso Bros. for a quote on a qualifying high-efficiency heating system.