Be Sure to Leave Your Oil Storage Tank Full at the End of the Heating Season

- 10:33 am - February 26th, 2019

Whether you’re enjoying the winter or you can’t wait for the spring, one thing remains the same: an empty oil storage tank can wreak havoc on your home comfort and the equipment that maintains it!

As long as it’s cold outside, it’s pretty obvious why you should keep a full tank – to avoid running out of fuel and not having heat! However, when the warm weather rolls around, it may not be as clear as to why it’s so important to keep your tank full.

Here are a few good reasons you should keep your tank from running empty through the spring and summer:

  • Prevent water accumulation that causes sediment buildup, possibly resulting in tank corrosion or damage to your heating equipment.
  • Be prepared for the following heating season with a full tank! There’s no telling when you’ll need fuel next, so why not have it on hand?
  • Potentially save on fuel costs by purchasing your fuel sooner, rather than later. If, by chance, fuel prices go up by next heating season, you can avoid paying more.
  • Avoid any scheduling nightmares by getting your final fill delivery in after winter is over, as opposed to trying to get your delivery when the heating season begins again.

As the end of winter draws near, heed our reminder to keep your oil storage tank full for the spring and summer seasons – you’ll be glad you did! Best of all, you can order your discount heating oil online from us!

If you have any questions, or need any assistance with your heating oil storage tank, contact us online!

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