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- 2:36 pm - February 12th, 2020

At Tomasso Bros. Energy, we support hundreds of businesses in Union, Middlesex, Essex and Somerset counties through the delivery of off-road diesel fuel that meets all EPA regulations with a maximum sulfur content of 15 parts per million. This fuel is suitable for farm equipment, construction vehicles, generators and more – and we’ll bring it right to you!

Why should you have Tomasso Bros. Energy deliver the fuel that powers commercial equipment?

Here are just a few benefits!

  • Store Less Fuel: Instead of storing the fuel you need on-site, you can choose to have it delivered to your business so you can fill the equipment or vehicles directly. This can help you reduce the cost of fuel loss.
  • Reduce Safety Hazards: When storing fuel on your property, you run the risk of fire or explosion. With our off-road fueling service, you reduce the risks involved with storing fuel, and having to deal with regulations and requirements.
  • Less Time on the Road: Transporting large equipment for fueling can be tricky. Roads and highways aren’t well suited for many pieces of commercial equipment – so having the fuel delivered directly to the equipment is an ideal solution!
  • Easier Time Tracking Fuel Costs: Keeping your business profitable doesn’t have to be difficult! With regular off-road deliveries, you can keep track of your fuel costs and keep an accurate record.

Are you a busy business owner in our neck of the woods?

Contact us online today for a fueling solution that’s affordable and reliable!

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