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Dependable Oil Tank Services All Under One Roof

- 9:48 am - April 7th, 2016

One of the biggest advantages of being a Tomasso Bros. heating oil customer is that you can safely store your fuel in a tank on your property all year round. Even better, Tomasso Bros. can handle all your oil tank needs, from testing to installation and removal. We also offer ProGuard, the most complete protection program for underground and aboveground oil storage tanks. Here are some of our oil storage tank services:

Testing: We can inspect your oil storage tank using the thorough and reliable ALERT Tank Testing method, and offer straightforward advice regarding tank replacement. We can also perform soil testing to ensure there is no leak present.

Tank removal: If you need to remove an underground or aboveground heating oil tank, we can help. After removing your old tank, we restore the area around and above the tank to perfect condition and dispose of the tank in an authorized facility.

Installation: When it’s time to select a replacement tank, we offer a selection of high-quality oil storage tanks from Roth Safety Tanks and Granby Steel Tanks. Once you select the tank that’s right for you, we will install it safely and securely on your property.

ProGuard: With 100,000 heating oil customers and counting, ProGuard is the nation's most trusted storage tank protection solution. ProGuard covers both proactive tank replacement and up to $100,000 in available cleanup protection. For more information about the program or to enroll now, visit our Service Contracts page.

Trust us for all your oil storage tank needs. To get more information about our services, or to request tank testing, removal or installation, call 908-351-0313 or contact Tomasso Bros. today.

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