The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Heating Safety

- 10:00 am - November 23rd, 2016

Between dinner preparations, guestroom setups and gift shopping, homeowners already have plenty on their minds around the holidays. Truth be told: home heating safety typically doesn’t even enter into the equation.

Tomasso Bros. is happy to offer emergency services to our customers 365 days a year … but wouldn’t you much rather avoid a no-heat emergency altogether?

To help protect your home and keep your family safe and comfortable this holiday season, please follow this list of heating do’s and don’ts.


  • Call Tomasso Bros. if you’re an automatic delivery customer who’s planning to have guests over for a few days or longer. Increased fuel usage could necessitate an extra fill-up and an adjustment to your delivery schedule. 
  • Have someone check in on your home if you’re going to be away for the holidays. It could be a neighbor or a friend, as long as it’s someone you can trust to make sure the heating system’s running and the pipes haven’t frozen. 
  • Keep Tomasso Bros.’ phone number (908-351-0313) on hand in case of an emergency, and call to have your system tuned up if you haven’t already done so this year.


  • Place trees or wreaths near radiators or heating vents, as this creates a dangerous fire hazard. Trees should be kept at least three feet away from heat sources and their stands should be refilled with water daily.
  • Use an oven, stovetop or electric space heater to help heat your home. If your heating system isn’t keeping your home warm enough on its own, call Tomasso. We’ll assess the problem and offer solutions that won’t put your family at risk.
  • Try to repair your heating system on your own. If your system is under warranty, unlicensed tinkering will nullify that warranty. It’s always best to call a licensed expert like Tomasso Bros. for maintenance and repairs.

Have a question about your holiday home comfort? Then contact Tomasso Bros. today. Do not, however, use the online contact form in cases of emergency; call 908-351-0313.

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