Ductless A/C – Something Your Family Can Agree On

- 11:20 am - June 2nd, 2017

Every family member has personal preferences, some of which don’t always sync up with the rest of the household. From movie night debates about whether to watch action or comedy, to fighting over control of the radio during long road trips, it’s hard to get everyone to agree on something. This isn’t any less true for home comfort systems! 

With central air conditioning systems, your entire home is cooled to the same temperature, which can cause conflict over what’s too cold or not cold enough. And window air conditioners, while they allow for individual control of a room’s temperature, are loud, obstructive, and can overload your home’s electrical system when several are running at once. 

A ductless air conditioner can be the solution your home needs, and Tomasso Bros. is proud to be a qualified installer of Halcyon Mini-Split Ductless systems from Fujitsu. The indoor components of a ductless air conditioner run quietly, the system is energy-efficient, and since the installation doesn’t require ductwork, it is quicker than with traditional central air conditioners. With Halcyon, every member of the family gets control over their rooms, without wasting energy cooling down empty areas. Less cool air is lost during operation with a ductless system as well; the insulated refrigerant lines lose less than five percent of cool air versus up to 40 percent loss through ducts.

If your household can’t agree on the thermostat settings, give them more control with a ductless air conditioning system. Contact Tomasso Bros. today and ask how else the Halcyon Mini-Split Ductless system can improve your home comfort.

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