Enjoy Added Peace of Mind by Upgrading Your Oil Tank

- 9:20 am - November 7th, 2017

Chances are, you don’t spend much time thinking about your oil tank – after all, it can go years or even decades without incident. However, while older models are safe, durable and reliable, modern oil tanks takes these traits to a whole new level. So, why not upgrade your tank and in the process, do the same for your peace of mind? 

Modern oil tanks are smaller than older models, but hold the same amount of fuel. They’re manufactured to the highest standards and can be lined with rust- and corrosion-resistant material. Some have double walls – plastic tanks inside the outer steel jacket – or other containment systems for additional protection in the rare event of a release.

Tomasso offers oil tanks from leading manufacturers like Roth and Granby, so when the time comes to upgrade, you’ll be certain you’re getting high quality, reliable equipment. Not sure if it’s time to upgrade? We’ll inspect your oil tank using the tried and true ALERT Tank Testing method, and give you honest advice about replacing it. To learn more, check out our oil tanks page, contact us, or call 908-351-0313 today.

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