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- 1:48 pm - October 15th, 2021

How on top of your heating oil deliveries will you be this heating season? Have you and your family’s schedules gotten even busier lately? If so, checking your heating oil storage tank levels and placing an order for delivery might be the last thing on your mind. We get it! That’s why we offer automatic delivery for our customers.


Sign up for automatic heating oil deliveries and enjoy…


A reliable supply of fuel


Let us worry about how much fuel you’re using and when you’ll need a delivery – and count on us to make those deliveries in a timely manner!


Extra peace of mind


Since we’re handling your heating oil deliveries, you can focus on more important things… like spending time with your family!


Longer-lasting equipment


Believe it or not, a full tank can contribute to the good health of your tank and your heating equipment as it prevents room for water accumulation that can lead to sediment build up and tank corrosion.


Fewer (if any) emergency deliveries


No matter how intense the weather gets, you can count on Tomasso Bros. Energy to maintain your fuel levels when inclement weather conditions loom over our area.


Remember, you’re not facing the heating season alone! Sign up for automatic heating oil delivery today and ensure your supply of fuel by calling or contacting us online.


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