Fight Back Against Humidity!

- 2:59 pm - April 20th, 2021

Things can really heat up during the summer. However, it isn’t just the heat that deserves a bad rep, it’s the humidity as well! Luckily for New Jersey homeowners, modern air conditioning systems boast improved humidity control that help maintain the moisture level inside their homes.

This is important because the balance of moisture within the home is crucial to maintaining comfort levels and helps avoid…

  • The growth of mold that can cause respiratory irritation, asthma attacks and other illnesses

  • Damage to wooden floors, furniture, and the structure of a home

  • Preventing the body from cooling off naturally, causing you to turn up the AC and increasing utility bills

  • Infestation of bugs and critters that thrive in humid conditions

  • Damage to expensive electronic devices such as cellphones, computers and televisions

The more efficient your air conditioning system is, the better control you’ll have over the humidity of your home. When keeping your AC running efficiently, an Air Conditioning Service Contract from Tomasso Bros. Energy goes a long way! Not only will our service agreement help with humidity control, it’ll reduce your utility bills and prolong the lifespan of your equipment.

Call or contact Tomasso Bros Energy to protect your summer comfort!

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