Five Things to Know About Your Oil Tank

- 10:32 am - December 20th, 2016

Heating oil is an excellent and dependable source of winter warmth, and modern oil tanks are just as reliable as the fuel they contain. Here are a few things you might not know about oil tanks.

  1. All oil tanks are not created equal. Tomasso Bros. sells Roth oil tanks, which look nothing like the dark colored obround (yes, that’s a word) tanks that you are used to seeing. A Roth tank sits directly on the floor and has a vertical, cuboid shape, which means it has right-angled corners. Roth uses a unique “double wall” construction, which makes a spill very unlikely.
  2. Some modern versions of the obround tank, such as the Granby EcoPlus, are built with a double tank bottom that includes a built-in leakage detection system for safety. It comes with a durable, polyurethane coating that makes it more durable.
  3. Residential oil tanks are generally outfitted with a very well-designed whistle system that safeguards the process of filling the tank. As oil enters the tank, air is forced out in equal volume, and the escaping air passes through the whistle. This creates an audio signal that lets the delivery professional know that the tank is filling properly.
  4. Tomasso Bros. offers a great insurance product called ProGuard, which assists with tank replacement and provides cleanup protection.
  5. It’s a good idea to have Tomasso Bros. inspect your tank periodically. Our ALERT Tank Testing system helps us evaluate the tank’s condition, and we offer straightforward advice regarding tank replacement.

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