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- 4:14 pm - November 8th, 2016

Some forecasters are predicting a long, cruel cold season, while others say an average Jersey winter is just as likely. And others who like to ponder such philosophical questions say it's still too early to see any signs pointing one way or another. But if you’ve spent any amount of time in the Garden State, you know that even the warmest of winters is still pretty cold.

No matter what Old Man Winter tosses our way, Tomasso Bros. can get your heat on and keep it on. We’re talking about much more than heating oil delivery, we take care of your entire system -- from before the first drop of oil hits your tank until those first waves of warmth waft into your home on a cold day.

It starts with our automatic heating oil delivery service. The convenience of automatic delivery puts an end to the need to monitor your fuel supply; we keep track for you, and we’ll keep your tank filled whether the winter is “warm” or wicked.

If something goes wrong with your system, our experts are on call to get the heat back on as quickly as possible. Of course, the best way to protect your family and your equipment is with a Tomasso Bros. service contract. Our technicians are quick to respond, even during extreme weather conditions. Every service contract includes an annual check-up, which makes your chances for a trouble-free season a whole lot better. We’re knowledgeable in the latest heating technology, and we’re equipped to handle complete system installations when it’s time to upgrade.

Put it all together and you’ll see a picture that will keep you and your family comfortable through the winter, and through the year, year after year. For more information about Tomasso Bros. products and services, please call 908-351-0313 or contact us today.

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