How Can You Save on Your Future Heating Costs?

- 5:18 pm - July 8th, 2020

It’s summer and you’re probably not thinking about your home heating costs just yet. However, the sooner you start considering them the sooner you can get ahead of market price volatility and take control of your heating costs once and for all. That’s why we’re suggesting you take a look at our heating oil payment options now in order to plan ahead!

There are many ways we can help you manage fuel costs next heating season…

Our budget plan removes any concern for unexpected high heating bills during the fall and winter. Typically, a household will pay for 80% of their heating costs during the colder months - which can often put a real squeeze on anyone’s budget! Instead, with our budget plan we’ll take your annual fuel costs and split them up into even monthly payments.

This way you’re paying the same amount for fuel every month, even if the frequency of deliveries increases your bills won’t!

We also offer three price protection plans, we’re sure that one of them will suit your needs for saving on fuel costs! Those plans are…

The Fixed Price Plan will lock in your fuel price for the year. If market prices increase, your costs won’t. Similarly, if market prices drop, your costs will remain the same.

The Price Cap Plan sets a ceiling or maximum price you’ll ever pay for your fuel during the year. If the market price should increase beyond the cap, you’ll be safe from paying more. If it should drop, however, you pay the lower price!

The Pre-Buy Plan allows you to purchase all of your fuel ahead of the heating season at its current, lower price. There is a minimum purchase required for this plan.

Just because most New Jersey residents are focused on enjoying the summer as best as they can in today’s climate doesn’t mean it’s too early for Tomasso Bros. Energy customers to get preparations underway for the heating season and save on heating costs.

Call or contact us online today to learn more about our pricing options and how to sign up!

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