How to Get in Hot Water (the Good Kind!)

- 10:20 am - January 27th, 2017

Looking forward to waking up with that nice cold shower? Of course you’re not! Nobody looks forward to that … not in winter, not ever. There’s no doubt about it … hot water is one of the essential elements of home comfort, and though you may not realize how much you actually consume, you certainly realize when the amount available doesn’t match your family’s need.

aosmith_heaters.gifHere are some numbers for you: That hot shower? 10 gallons. If you shave, add two more gallons. Food preparation and dishwashing by hand, four gallons each. If you have an automatic dishwasher, that’s six gallons. And it’s seven gallons every time you do a load of laundry. Gallon by gallon, it all adds up. Is your current water heater up to the task of keeping your family comfortable?

When selecting a new water heater for your home, you need to choose one that will not only provide enough hot water, but will do so efficiently. Don’t worry, we’ve got the hottest products to keep your hot water flowing! Tomasso Bros. is proud to sell, install and service ENERGY STAR®-rated water heaters from top manufacturers like A.O. Smith and Rheem. 

A.O. Smith has delivered innovative hot water solutions to consumers and businesses for more than 70 years. With an extensive selection of residential and commercial water heaters, boilers, and storage tanks, A.O. Smith can provide an energy-efficient solution with maximum value anywhere hot water is needed. Rheem also offers a range of cutting-edge products to meet any family’s hot water needs.

With high-performance water heaters like these, your family is sure to find themselves in lots of hot water. And we mean the good kind! You’ll also get a warm and fuzzy feeling in your wallet when you see your monthly fuel costs go down because your new water heater is more efficient. You’ll experience a whole new world of cost savings, energy conservation and best-in-class comfort.

Tomasso Bros. is happy to inspect your water heater and let you know the effectiveness of your system and whether you should plan for an upgrade. We’ll also educate you about the different water heater options available and help you select the optimum size for your needs.

To request an inspection or inquire about a new water heater, please call 908-351-0313 or visit the “Contact Us” page on the website and send us a message.


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