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- 3:16 pm - October 21st, 2022

It is anticipated that we will experience a colder winter than historical seasonal averages, and when you pair increased fuel consumption with volatile energy prices, you could end up with increased energy costs. Tomasso Bros. does more than just look out for your heating and cooling systems; we look out for your wallet too! Tomasso Bros. offers budget plans for your yearly fuel costs and special discounts. By becoming a Tomasso Bros. customer, you can regain control of this winter’s energy costs.

Budget Plan

By signing up for a budget plan, unexpected energy prices are a thing of the past. Our budget plan takes your annual fuel costs and divides them into even monthly payments. Knowing your monthly fuel budget will give you peace of mind and convenience. Tomasso Bros. examines your historical fuel usage to forecast next year’s fuel costs. Then it is divided into even payments, and at the end of the year, we either credit your account for the upcoming year or bill you for the remaining difference.


  • Prompt Payment Discount
  • Senior Citizen Discount

Become a Tomasso Bros. heating oil delivery customer today so you can begin taking advantage of our wallet-friendly payment options. Review our home heating services page to find out all the ways Tomasso Bros. can keep you comfortable this winter. Contact us at 908-351-0313 to become a customer or have any of your questions answered. Fuel costs may rise, but your energy bills don’t have to!

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