A.O. Smith Hot Water Heaters: Tested, Proven and Ready to Serve

- 5:09 pm - February 11th, 2016

At Tomasso Bros., we’re dedicated to excellence in home comfort service. Not surprisingly, we look for that same dedication in the brands we carry, which is why we offer A.O. Smith hot water heaters. Founded in 1874 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, A.O. Smith has been devoted to the evolution of the hot water heater for over 70 years. When you get an A.O. Smith unit from Tomasso Bros., you’ll enjoy the fruition of decades of research, testing, and commitment to perfection.

As a worldwide hot water heater provider, A.O. Smith knows its product needs to stand up to the most extreme conditions, from the stuffy heat of a Southern summer to the frigidly low temperatures of a New England winter. So, the company puts each product bearing the A.O. Smith name through its paces in a one-of-a-kind Customer Experience Lab in Ashland City, Tennessee. There, A.O. Smith’s engineers conduct a series of accelerated tests on equipment components based on customer usage data. Each water heater is run through 2,500 cycles, the equivalent to 1.6 years of cycles in the average home. The unit is then disassembled and its parts are painstakingly evaluated for wear and tear.

The only thing more impressive than A.O. Smith’s testing regimen is its selection, with over 25 available ENERGY STAR®-rated models, ranging from oil, electric, hybrid and even solar water heaters. A.O. Smith can build your dependable hot water heater, and Tomasso Bros. will handle the rest with our expert installation service. Our trained technicians are always up to date with cutting edge home comfort developments, so you can rest assured that the quality of installation will reflect your unit’s high standards.

If you’re looking to replace that old, inefficient hot water heater with a dynamic and efficient A.O. Smith model, call 908-351-0313 or contact Tomasso Bros. We’ll help you pick the right unit for your needs, and make sure it’s promptly installed and ready for action.

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