Oil or Electric Heat - Here’s What You Should Know!

- 4:52 pm - September 14th, 2021

We know our customers value safety and efficiency, and that’s why we want them to know that oil is the superior choice over electricity when it comes to their home heating needs! What makes oil the preferred energy source for New Jersey homeowners? We’ll show you.


Oil Heat is Less Expensive


Electric furnaces generate high utility bills as they require consistent voltage to produce heat, as opposed to oil furnaces that stay warmer for longer periods of time and don’t require a constant source of electricity.


Oil Heat is More Efficient


It takes about 40 kilowatt-hours (40,000 kilowatts per hour) of electricity to produce the same number of BTUs in a single gallon of heating oil. That means it would require a lot of electricity to equal the same amount of usable energy the average home gets with a 275-gallon tank of heating oil for their heating needs.


Oil Heat is Cleaner


Electrical plants burn fossil fuels in order to create electricity, which yields high amounts of harmful emissions. Using the cleaner-burning, Ultra-Low Sulfur heating oil available from Tomasso Bros. Energy, however, produces fewer emissions overall.


Before you make the switch to electric heat, consider the amount of money you can save by sticking with oil heat! Call or contact us online today to learn more about the benefits of keeping heating oil in your home.


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