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- 9:46 am - February 28th, 2018

Tomasso Bros. has protected New Jersey homes from the cold of winter and the heat of summer with service contracts for your heating and air conditioning equipment. We’ve even protected your property with our oil tank installation and removal services. You could go so far as to say that our technicians are the heroes of home comfort that you deserve! But don’t believe for a second that we don’t have your wallet’s back as well. Our payment options go a long way to help save you from fluctuating fuel prices.

Budget Plan

The idea behind the Budget Plan is to take the tidal wave of heating bills homeowners face in the winter and turn it into a steady stream of even monthly payments that are much more manageable. You’ll know what to expect to pay each month, and any overcharge will be credited to your account. Remaining balances will be billed at the end of the heating season.

Fixed Price

Many of us are creatures of habit – we get into our routines and we don’t want to change them! That makes the volatility of fuel prices a bit intimidating. That’s okay, because with our Fixed Price plan, we’ll set your fuel price for the duration of the year. You’ll pay the same amount each month, whether market prices rise or fall.

Price Cap

Some folks know how to limit their spending, paying no more than x amount of dollars on necessities. Sometimes, however, we don’t always get a say in what the price of a product is – like with heating oil. With a Price Cap plan in place, you can implement a maximum price you’ll pay for fuel for the year. If the prices drop, you’ll benefit. If they rise, you won’t pay more than your cap.


Fuel prices are typically lower outside of the heating season – that’s where the Pre-Buy plan comes into play. Purchasing all your fuel for the year at once when prices are at their lowest guarantees you won’t be paying extra when demand for fuel (and the cost of it) rises exponentially. There is a minimum purchase required.

If any of the plans above had you sighing in relief, then we’ve done our job protecting you and your energy dollar from the threat of rising prices!

And signing up for these options is as easy as picking up the phone and calling 908-351-0313 or using the contact form found on this website.

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