Save When you Upgrade!

- 10:00 am - March 13th, 2023

Beautiful weather is up ahead! Is your air conditioning system ready for it? If your A/C unit is over 10 years old and has been giving you some trouble, it’s time for an upgrade! The good news is that a new cooling system actually saves you money, energy, and the stress of frequent repairs!

Here are just some of the benefits of upgrading your A/C system:

  • Lower Electric Bills: most modern central air conditioners are 30-50% more energy-efficient than older models. Your new system will produce much more cool air while using less energy, costing you less for more comfort.
  • Get Money Back: new, energy-efficient air conditioners may also be eligible for rebates and incentives under the IRA.
  • Improved Comfort: with precision installation from Tomasso Bros., your new system will run smoothly and provide you with maximum comfort. Modern A/C units come with integrated ventilation, humidification, and indoor air filtration systems and run much quieter than older versions.

To find more information on the featured air conditioning brands we offer and ways to save, give us a call at 908-351-0313, or contact us.

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