Selling? Have Your Oil Tank Removed by Tomasso Bros. Before Listing

- 9:49 am - May 11th, 2016

Are you selling or planning to sell your home? Buried oil tanks on a home’s premises are a concern to many prospective buyers and their real estate brokers because of the potential safety risks associated with them. As a result, many mortgage companies won’t lend on properties that have underground tanks, and an increasing number of insurance companies won’t issue policies unless they have been removed.

The presence of a buried tank on your property can put the sale of your property in limbo with debates over what’s to be done with the tank and who is responsible for removing it. Don’t risk losing a potential buyer during this delayed period. If you have an oil storage tank buried on your property, you’ll want to have it removed before you list your house to expedite the selling process.

Tomasso Bros. can locate and remove your old tank and dispose of it in an authorized facility. We’ll conduct a tank sweep to pinpoint its exact location, and once we remove it, we’ll restore the area above and around the tank to perfect condition. We acquire all necessary permits as needed for tank removals, remove any remaining oil, and remove or seal tank piping as needed to keep your basement dry and avoid any accidental deliveries.

To request a property sweep or tank removal, call 908-351-0313 or contact Tomasso Bros. today.

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