Streamline Your Home-Selling Process with our Tank Removal Service

- 3:35 pm - June 7th, 2016

Selling your home is a highly involved and sometimes stressful undertaking. The presence of an underground oil storage tank on your premises (whether you or a previous owner of the property had it installed) can make matters more complicated than they need to be. That’s because an increasing number of prospective buyers and their real estate brokers are concerned about the potential safety risks associated with these buried tanks. And the result? Your potential buyer can have second thoughts. Mortgage companies may not lend on properties with underground tanks, and insurance companies may be reluctant to issue policies unless the tanks have been removed.

As the seller, you’ll naturally want to skirt these potential speedbumps and sell your home in as reasonable a time as possible. Tomasso Bros. can help locate and remove your old tank and dispose of it in an authorized facility and install a virtually leak-proof aboveground tank. We’ll take care of every aspect, from acquiring any necessary permits for tank removals, to removing remaining oil and sealing the tank piping to avoid any further issues. Our trained technicians will conduct a tank sweep to pinpoint its exact location, and once the tank is removed, we’ll restore the surface area back to its original condition.

Don’t let the presence of a buried tank on your property unnecessarily delay the sale of your property. If you have an oil storage tank buried on your property or suspect that one might be, call 908-351-0313 or contact Tomasso Bros. today to have it removed before you list your house.


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