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- 11:30 am - May 24th, 2018

At Tomasso, we do more than remove heating oil tanks, install state-of-the-art, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, and help you protect your systems with comprehensive service contracts – we also help you take control of your fuel prices with great payment options!

Budget Plan

Have you ever found yourself in a bit of a budget squeeze in winters? Holiday shopping alone is enough to make your budget tighten, but throw in fuel bills and the squeeze gets even stronger. The beauty of a Budget Plan is that, by spreading your payments out evenly, you avoid bigger heating bills in winter and keep a little extra cash in your pocket for all those gifts.

How does it work? We forecast your year’s fuel costs by examining your past usage, then divide that amount into equal monthly payments. At the end of the season, you’ll either be billed the remaining balance or receive a credit.

Price Protection Plans

Predictability may not be a good thing when it comes to movies, but as far as heating bills are concerned it certainly is. Rather than contend with the volatility of fuel prices, with a Fixed Price Plan you can secure a set price on your heating oil, no matter what happens.

You can also opt for a Price Cap Plan, in which you agree to a “cap price,” or a price you won’t exceed. With this plan you get the added benefit of paying the lower price should market prices drop below the set threshold.

Or, if you prefer, you can purchase your fuel before heating season with a Pre-Buy Plan. The advantage here is you’ll purchase all your fuel when prices are at their lowest and avoid monthly bills.

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