Taking Control of Your Fuel Costs

- 3:50 pm - March 9th, 2021

Tired of the ups and downs of heating oil market prices? We don’t blame you! Luckily, Tomasso Bros. Energy knows just how to help get you off of that roller coaster and protect your bank account from taking a big hit during this and future heating seasons.

Pick the right Price Protection Plan for your household! Here’s what you can choose from:

Fixed Price

Lock in a set price for the duration of the year, so you know how much your fuel is going to cost you. If market prices rise, your prices don’t! However, if market prices should drop below your fixed price, you still pay the higher price.

Price Cap

We’ll establish an agreed upon price that your fuel costs will not exceed – no matter how high market prices may go. This cap will protect you from rising prices, but if market prices should fall you’ll enjoy paying a lower price!


Purchasing fuel in advance of the heating season allows you to buy it at the current price, which is typically significantly lower than it is during the heating season. There is a minimum purchase required, but since you’re buying your fuel ahead of time you won’t have bills to worry about in the future!

Budget Plan

Our budget plan takes your annual heating oil costs and splits it up into even monthly payments throughout the year. Instead of paying about 80% of your fuel costs in the heating season, you’ll pay it off in smaller chunks to alleviate the strain on your household’s budget.

You want to spend your money wisely, and at Tomasso Bros. Energy we want to help! When it comes to your heating oil costs, protect your prices in a way that works best for you. Call or contact us online to learn more about our Price Protection Plans and when you can sign up!

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