Tanks. A Lot!

- 10:14 am - April 5th, 2017

roth_tanks.jpgBeen thinking about your heating oil storage tank lately? No?!?!  That’s OK, you’re not alone. And we’re sure your tank won’t hold it against you (storage tanks are very forgiving that way)! The familiar saying “out of sight, out of mind” could very well have been coined to describe your tank. In reality, your storage tank is the unsung hero of your home heating equipment. After all, it’s where you store the very fuel that keeps your loved ones warm through the winter, and helps keep your hot water running every season.

Storage tanks can last for decades. That’s a long time, but it’s not forever. When the time comes for a new tank, we’re proud to offer excellent modern products from Roth and Granby that are sturdier – and even more attractive – than traditional oil tanks.

Roth Safety Tanks are manufactured to the highest standards, offering economical, safe, compact, and trouble-free heating oil storage. Roth double-wall tanks are designed to offer the highest level of environmental protection, helping avoid oil spills and leaks caused by defective pipes, couplings or fittings which are located underneath the tank. Every Roth inner tank is made out of blow-molded, high-density polyethylene that is seamless, leak-proof and corrosion-resistant, ensuring they stay completely rust-free, inside and out.

Granby has been a leader in steel tanks for petroleum product storage since 1954. Their tanks are among the safest, most reliable tanks you can buy today. The company’s ECOGARD series features a double bottom and preventive anti-contamination alarm to detect and collect any leakage, minimizing contamination risks. The tanks also feature a polyurethane coating that offers industry-leading protection and pressure resistance, delivering the highest level of safety and protection against leakage caused by corrosion. Backing them up are warranties up to 25 years (restrictions apply).

Once you’ve chosen your new tank, you can count on us for expert installation and service. And when it comes to filling up your tank with quality heating oil, Tomasso Bros.’ automatic delivery program is a reliable and worry-free way to ensure you have the fuel you need, when you need it.

When it comes to tanks – and what goes inside them – Tomasso Bros. is the company to call! Call 908-351-0313 or Contact us today for your next oil storage tank.

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