Tomasso's Eye for HVAC Design

- 4:37 pm - February 13th, 2019

Is your comfort this winter a bit lacking? It could be the way your heating system was designed! A very important, but often overlooked, aspect of HVAC system installation is in the design of the system and its ductwork. Without the extensive knowledge of how HVAC systems are supposed to be designed, New Jersey homeowners can find themselves face to face with a variety of problems.

Look out for these indications that your HVAC system may be improperly designed:

  • Rooms that are too warm or cool
  • Drafts or excessive noise from air moving through vents and ducts
  • Fans working harder for longer periods of time
  • Energy bills increasing each month
  • Little to no air circulation within the home

In addition to improper duct sizing, issues can also arise due to…

  • Misaligned ducts, or gaps along the ductwork
  • Poor insulation in the walls or ceilings of the home
  • The length of the ductwork’s run
  • The actual path that the ductwork takes causing kinks and restricting airflow
  • Heating and cooling equipment that’s too large or too small

What’s the best way to avoid these problems? Calling Tomasso Bros. Energy!

Our HVAC experts have the knowledge and the skill to install new home heating equipment as it was meant to be installed, leaving you with an efficient system that won’t waste energy or throw away your conditioned air.

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