Tomasso’s Oil Tank Removal Is A Safe Bet

- 11:20 am - April 14th, 2017

When it comes time to retire your underground oil tank, you have a choice to make: abandon the tank and leave it buried or have it professionally removed by Tomasso Bros. While both of these options are acceptable, one of them can save you from having to spend extra money on future damages and clean-up costs.

When an oil tank is abandoned, it’s uncovered so that the top of the tank can be cut open and then the oil and sludge can be removed. Once that’s done, the tank is then backfilled with sand and the fill pipes are disconnected, removed or blocked with concrete. Even with the abandonment process done properly, there are still risks to the homeowner and the environment. 

  • If done improperly, abandoned tanks can leak over time. If left unnoticed it can cause environmental and health problems as time goes on, leading to high clean-up and removal costs, and possibly fines.
  • Abandoned tanks are susceptible to corrosion and collapse. When an abandoned tank collapses, it causes a sinkhole, which can cause structural damage if close enough to the home, or a safety hazard for anyone walking around the affected area.
  • A homeowner who tries to sell property containing an abandoned oil tank might have trouble finding a buyer due to the potential problems that could arise or the additional cost of having it removed.

A much cheaper and effective alternative is to have your decommissioned underground oil tank completely removed by the qualified experts at Tomasso Bros. You won’t have to concern yourself with unseen leaks or collapse, and we will get the job done right and safely while leaving the area above the tank in pristine condition when the job is done. Call 908-351-0313 or contact us today to set up your underground tank removal. 

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