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- 4:34 pm - October 30th, 2015

Welcome to the Tomasso Brothers blog, a great source for news and information about all our home comfort and fuel supply services. We’ll be regularly updating this page with seasonal tips on how to optimize the efficiency of your energy usage, details on new offers, features on new pieces of equipment that excite us, and more information about Oilheat and other products . This blog will always have useful content that will keep you in the know, just in time for the start of the heating season.
Speaking of the heating season, did you know that you use close to 75% of your heating oil in roughly a quarter of the year? As a result, your energy bills spike during the winter. The perfect solution to this uneven cost pattern is our Budget Plan. Referencing your past energy usage, we calculate your total fuel cost for the year and then divide that amount into equal monthly payments. At the end of the budget season, we'll credit your account for the following year if you haven’t used the projected fuel amount, or bill you for the remaining balance due if you’ve used more. Contact Tomasso Brothers today for more information about our budget plan, or to sign up.
In addition to our budget plan, we are proud to offer you high-quality Oilheat, dependable service, and the kind of neighborly rapport you simply won’t find with a utility company. We’re pleased to now add this blog page to our array of customer resources.

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