Winter Comfort from Tomasso Bros. Automatic Delivery

- 5:12 pm - January 8th, 2020

At Tomasso Bros. Energy, we’re proud to have offered automatic heating oil delivery to homeowners throughout Essex, Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset and Union counties for as long as we can remember. We love bringing convenience and peace of mind to our customers with this service!

It’s convenient because we take all the work out of ordering heating oil by cross-referencing your oil usage history with the weather patterns and determining the right delivery schedule for your particular needs.

With automatic delivery, you no longer have to worry about…

  • Constantly checking your heating oil levels
  • Remembering to make a delivery call
  • Waiting around for a will-call delivery to arrive

The only thing you will have to remember is to let us know if your house undergoes a major change that can affect your heating oil usage, such as someone moving in or out of your home or a renovation.

Automatic delivery also benefits your heating oil storage tank!

An empty heating oil storage tank – especially in winter – is something all New Jersey homeowners should avoid! With a full tank you’ll always have a source of heat, but that’s not all. An empty tank can also lead to…

  • Water accumulation, which can lead to sediment buildup
  • Equipment breakdowns as a result of sediment buildup
  • Increased rate of corrosion of the tank, potentially resulting in a release

Are you enjoying the peace of mind that automatic heating oil delivery from Tomasso Bros. Energy brings? If not, give us a call or contact us online to take advantage of all of our available products and services!

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