Home Energy Audits

iS_1676426.jpgFind out how you could earn valuable cash rebates toward your home energy upgrades!

Energy conservation is a great way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint, and the best way to save energy while improving your comfort is with a "whole-house" approach.

Tomasso Bros. has the expertise to evaluate your home's energy consumption and get you on the road to reduced energy use and lower energy bills for years to come. We are accredited by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) to perform home energy audits, and we participate in New Jersey's Home Performance with Energy Star program. Sponsored by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and New Jersey's Clean Energy Program, Home Performance with Energy Star provides reduced-cost home energy audits that set the stage for whole-house conservation and savings.

For only $300, Tomasso Bros. will assess your home from top to bottom.

NjEnergyClean-BPI.jpgIn a process that takes two to three hours, we will evaluate:

  • Heating and cooling equipment
  • Insulation levels
  • Air sealing opportunities
  • Windows and doors
  • Appliances and lighting

Any potential health and safety issues identified during the initial assessment must be addressed before any energy efficiency improvements can be made through the Clean Energy program.

This comprehensive assessment provides you with valuable information - our "report card" - regarding the existing condition of your home, and identifies areas where energy efficiency, comfort and safety improvements can be made. Tomasso Bros. can then help identify short- and long-term solutions to remedy any problem areas in your home.

New Jersey Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® is offering several incentives to make it easier for you to make these improvements. 

View the latest incentives and benefits.

Other financial incentives may be available - we will be happy to review your options when we discuss your energy-efficient home improvements.

To request a certified home energy audit, please call us today or contact us.

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