Oil to Gas Conversions

Thinking of Switching to Gas Heat?

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At Tomasso Bros. we want to be your complete home comfort company. We service gas heat equipment and perform professional oil-to-gas conversions - including oil tank removal, hooking up gas lines and installing high-efficiency gas furnaces and boilers.

So, if you're looking to make the switch from Oilheat to gas heat, we encourage you to talk to us. We'll conduct a walk-through of your property, determine exactly which equipment is right for your individual needs, provide reliable cost estimates, and walk you through the entire conversion process. We're with you every step of the way, from consultation until your gas-fired heating equipment is installed and working properly. And even after that, our expert technicians will continue to provide invaluable assistance with regular maintenance services that keep your equipment running as efficiently as possible.

It's Full Service from Tomasso Bros. that Matters Most

To convert to gas heat in Middlesex County or Union County, NJ, please call Tomasso Bros. today.

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NOTE: If you are having a heat emergency, please call the office immediately. Do not use e-mail to alert us to an emergency. Thank you!