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We Are Oil Tank Removal Experts

iS_6129480.jpgIf you need to remove a heating oil tank and dispose of it, please give us a call. We have extensive experience in oil tank removal, including both underground and above-ground tanks. When removing underground tanks, we restore the area around and above the tank to pristine condition and dispose of the tank in an authorized facility. 

In all tank removals, we acquire permits as needed; remove any remaining oil; and remove and/or seal tank piping as needed to keep your basement dry and prevent accidental deliveries. We can also remove tanks that were previously filled with sand. 

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Oil Storage Tank Cleaning Services

Over time, oil can become contaminated with both physical and chemical impurities. These contaminants can clog your filters, fuel lines, nozzles, and more – potentially harming any associated equipment, or negatively impacting the environment.

That’s where we come in! Here’s what we offer:

Used & Waste Oil Removal
When oil has been used up, it becomes hazardous and contaminated. This is dangerous for the equipment, and for anyone nearby. We can remove the used oil, and take it offsite to be recycled or properly disposed.

Vacuum Truck Services
Using our vacuum truck, we can assist customers with oil storage tank cleaning, oil water separator maintenance, sludge removal and oil spill clean ups.

Improving the safety of our customers and our planet are our priorities! If you have any questions about how we can help with used oil removal, tank cleanings, and more, please contact us online.

Tank Services


As a Tomasso Bros. Oilheat customer, you have the benefit of safely storing your fuel in a tank on your property - at all times and in all temperatures. You're in charge of your supply and you pay only for the fuel delivered. And, if you're enrolled in our automatic delivery program, you receive your heating oil when you need it. 

Our Oilheat team provides a full range of tank services to help our customers enjoy great peace of mind:

  • Tank protection: We offer comprehensive and affordable protection through the ProGuard program, which assists with tank replacement and provides cleanup protection.
  • Soil Remediation: If an underground storage tank releases heating oil into the soil, Tomasso Bros. and ProGuard can help restore the area, with up to $100,000 in cleanup protection.
  • Oil Spill Clean Up: In the unlikely event of a tank release, Tomasso Bros. and ProGuard can protect your home and your property, decontaminating the site and preventing any environmental hazards.
  • Tank inspection: Upon request, we'll inspect your tank, using the comprehensive and reliable ALERT Tank Testing method, and offer straightforward advice regarding tank replacement. We also perform soil testing to ensure that there is no leak present.
  • Tank replacement: When the time comes for a new tank, we offer excellent products that are sturdier and more attractive than traditional heating oil tanks. We specialize in Roth and Granby tanks.
  • Tank scan/search: Real estate agents who need help locating an active or abandoned underground oil tank for a closing turn to Tomasso Bros. We work directly with real estate agents through each step of the search, testing, and removal or replacement processes.


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